Hello! I’m Angela Flowers.

I am a Squarespace web designer living in Austin, TX.

My obsession for making things pretty, along with a keen eye for visual aesthetics, translates into beautiful digital experiences to attract and gain a following for what you are trying to share with your community and the world.

I am a homegrown Austin native with a diverse background in all things literature, performance arts, and entrepreneurship.  When I am not designing, I am most likely in a hot flow yoga class, eating all the plant-based foods, or enjoying a nature hike with my fiance and BFF, a schnauzer, named Vinny.


I live for working with other heart-centered small business owners.


My Story

My web design obsession began by complete accident and was a far cry from my backgrounds in sales, team building, literature, and theatre.

How did it all start? I was helping my fiance set up some side hustle marketing projects. During the “I really need a website” realization phase, I volunteered to take a stab at throwing up a webiste, given that I really like to put things together and make them look pretty. From the very beginning, designing and building a website made my designer heart swoon! I was able to tap into my (admittedly, somewhat obsessive) need for organization, beautiful visual aesthetics, and a desire to contribute much value to other heart-centered, high achieving, creative gals out there.

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Building a website is not easy- trust me, I’ve been there! If I didn’t end up absolutely loving every minute of designing and coding, I would have thrown my Macbook Pro out the dang window! Maybe you’ve been there? I totally get it.

I have worked with several DIY platforms and nothing comes close to Squarespace’s interface, usability, and functionality. Can you build a website on your own? Sure! Will it take a lot of time? YES! Do I need to be a designer? I’d recommend it! In my experience using Squarespace and other platforms, I have had to use custom html and css code 100% of the time! This is because while the platforms and interface is generally user friendly, it is not going to be a complete fit when you want to make it unique and customized. I believe you were put on this earth to do great things with your brand or business, not to figure out how to build a gosh darn website that perfectly resonates with your oh, so lovely products or services. I’ve got your back, girl! You stick to what you are amazing at and let me take care of creating a beautiful online home for your brand.

Ive found that I truly love working with other female heart-centered entrepreneurs that resonate with a clean, chic and refined boutique style aesthetic.