My Process

As an experienced web designer and Squarespace expert, I have developed a streamlined process to keep your project on target and mega organized. Below is a thorough outline to give you an idea of the steps I’ll use to take your dream site from concept to reality!


Step 1

Initial Consultation → Project Proposal

Once you have contacted me and filled out a Project Application, I will be in touch asap to set up a 30 minute free consultation call so we can get to know each other and chat about your website and/or brand goals and vision. I will ask you some questions so that I have an idea of your project needs and goals. From here, I will draft a project proposal. Once the proposal is approved, we will start the on-boarding process!


Step 2

Client On-boarding → Project Agreement → Kickoff

Congrats! Your project is almost underway! Here is where we will discuss your project timeline, deadlines, deliverables and project scope. Once we agree on everything I will send you a project agreement. Once I have received the signed proposal and deposit, we will officially kick off your project!


Step 3

Discover → Plan → Brand Identity

Let’s put our heads together to explore and discover the direction for your site and brand! I will send you a detailed brand and style questionnaire and you will pin to a secret Pinterest board to gather inspiration. I’ll use the questionnaire and Pinterest board to develop the look and feel for your site/brand and will present you with a mood board, color palette, and typography options.


Step 4

Custom Template → Content → Build

Once we have agreed on a look and feel, I will present you with two or more template options. These will be carefully chosen based on your goals and site needs. Once you have approved your template, I will share a Google Drive folder with you to start gathering that content! Once I have received your content, it’s time to kick up your heels while I start building and coding your dreamy site!


Step 5

Responsive Integration → Test Site → Revise

This is where the tech magic happens! I will use my coding skills to personalize your site and take it from template to a completely customized and unique visual experience. I will test your site on different devices and browses to make sure your site is coded to be fully responsive. I won’t stop until it looks totally fab on desktop, mobile, and tablet. I will then share a test site link with you and we will revise until you are totally obsessed with your new site!


Step 6

Launch → Train → Swoon

Once your test site is approved, it’s launch time, baby! Let’s pop open some champagne and cheers to you conquering one of the most important and difficult steps in sharing your brand with the world! Around the same day as your launch, I will offer a one hour training on the Squarespace platform, so that you can make any updates on your own down the road, if you so choose, or we can discuss my website maintenance and updates add on service. Now, get ready to swoon as your new site starts landing you those dream clients and customers!



+ How long will it take for my website to be built?

After the on-boarding process is complete, about 4 weeks! If you choose any add-on services to your project, this adds another week to the project timeline.

+ Do I need to provide my own content?

Yes! Your content is the backbone of your site. In fact, the #1 reason for a late site launch date is missing or late content. As a partnership, it’s important to hand over content in a timely manner. If you need me to find stock images or write content for you, I am happy to add this service to your package and add this to your fee.

PLEASE NOTE: I can’t emphasize how important professional photography is to the appeal of your site and it is a huge part of my design aesthetic. I highly recommend investing in some professional photography or high quality stock photos to make your site POP!

+ What if I have a launch deadline?

No problem! If I am not booked before your deadline, we make make it happen!

+ What all is included in your packages?

You will get a one hour consultation to identify your needs and goals, a fully customized and beautiful site with up to 10 pages, domain registration, light SEO, a “Coming Soon” page, mood board and color palette, and one hour comprehensive Squarespace platform training.

Add-on services include: SEO optimization, additional pages, content creation, and site maintenance/updates.

+ Will I be able to change things I don’t like in the design process?

I never want to limit your ability to change your mind! There will be several opportunities for revisions throughout the process.

+ Do you usually work with a particular type of client?

I mostly work with heart-centered female solo-preneurs and small business owners.

+ Why choose you and Squarespace?

As a Squarespace Circle member, I have designed many custom and stunning websites through Squarespace and am extremely knowledgable with its backend platform. I am obsessed with the functionality of Squarespace and it is great for developers and newbies alike. One of the great perks of choosing Squarespace for your design is that once the design process is over, you will be able to maintain and update your website yourself. I offer Squarespace platform training at the end of your project.

+ Do I need a designer when there are so many DIY platforms?

That depends! Some people are naturally tech savvy and have tons of patience and time. If you have all of these things, you might be able to take care of this essential step in the business process on your own! Most people either don’t have the time, designer eye, or technical skills to handle this beast of a project. My rule of thumb- if you don’t know how to code, it’s best to hand over this job to a pro! Although Squarespace and other web design DIY platforms are generally user friendly, there is quite a learning curve. Additionally, 100% of my websites have NEEDED custom code at some point to optimize and customize. My advice- use your time and energy on what you are awesome at and get yourself a web pro bff to handle the nitty gritty website thing!

+ How much does Squarespace hosting cost?

Squarespace plans cost $16-$26 a month. This includes website hosting. As a Squarespace Circle member, I can offer you 20% off your first year of Squarespace when you choose annual billing. You will also need to purchase a dame name, which are roughly $12-$20 a year.

+ How much do I pay once I book?

50% is due upon booking and your spot will be reserved and I will be all yours when your build date arrives! My exclusive discounted list price is locked in for those that pay 50% upon booking and 50% upon completion. I do offer payment plans for those that need them at a slight price increase.

+ Can I keep my current domain?



 Let’s make the interwebs a little prettier!


You are ready to work with me if…

You have clear goals as a business owner. You know and understand your target market, ideal customer, and competitive landscape and have a vision for the direction of your brand.

You have your content ready. You either have content or are ready to add content creation to the list of your services. You either have or are willing to invest in professional photography or high quality stock images to amp up your content.

You have the time. We will be partners and collaborators and your project will only get off the ground if you have the time to answer questions and provide me with feedback, etc in a timely manner.

You’re excited (and awesome!) You are super passionate about what you have to offer the world and are ready to establish a beautiful home for your brand on the interwebs.